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6. | Jun 22, 2014
The consumer emconoy of the united states is dead as of Sept 2008!How is consumerism helping the average Egyptian who is drinking sewage water. I can not fathom why would owning a dvd drive be your measure of happiness or success, while your organs are being destroyed by the poisoned water, food and air resulting from the sada7 mada7 consumer emconoy of Egypt.
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8. | Jan 10, 2014
I appreciate your thgtuhos on happiness. You are so right in saying that happiness comes from the inside. Trusting in external happenings to give satisfying and consistent happiness is a whole lot like trying to get a fist full of water to carry along one's journey in case thirst is experienced. When we think it will be there to slack our thirst, the water has long since gone. Like the water, happiness dissipates and disappears along the way. Maintaining a happy or joyfilled attitude truly is a choice. As you know and have so succinctly stated, it is not the external circumstances which result in a state of happiness, but it is our decision to call on the grace within us to live in a constant state of unexplainable joy in spite of what may come against us in our journey through life; therefore, our response to any given set of circumstances is the kicker. Maintaining an attitude of happiness or joy depends on whether or not we consistently nurture an attitude of gratitude about everything. Easier said than done, but it is Truth. I don't have a web-site or facebook page as I am not a technical gurue, but I do have access to cyber space and do have an E-mail address.
9. | Jan 9, 2014
The banks balance sheet nedeed fixing. The Feb initiated QE2 which gave the primary banks money. The banks used this money to speculate in the futures market. When QE 2 ended because of the debt ceiling limit the banks sold up early and made huge profits. This should not come as a surprise Ben Bernanke has said may times the increase in inflation will be transitory'. Since inflation was caused by high commodity prices then high commodity prices must be transitory too.
10. | Dec 19, 2013
Big help, big help. And surtplaeive news of course.